Happy customers, with their NEW pre-owned vehicle!




Mr. Eddie, I would like to thank you and your entire staff for the outstanding service that you provide. 

I have traveled all over the world and rarely have i received the service, care, and concern your business provides, which is superb, bar none.

Please don't ever change your formula because it is truly a blessing from a higher power.  I am extremely grateful, rest assure your integrity and customer service has secured my confidence and future business.



A loyal and satisfied customer

E. Marshall


Eddie's received a call one day requesting to replace a Power Steering Pump on a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck.  The information was collected, estimate was prepared, and customer was called back.  Estimate amount $164.00.  The young man was very pleased and we replaced the part for him that afternoon. 

The estimate to make this repair at his local, regular mechanic facility---$700.00.

This is just an example of how Eddie's can save you money!




We want to thank you all for your kindness on May 14.  We appreciate so much everyone being willing to stay late on a Friday evening to get our car going for us!  Every ones kindness was greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

The Franklin's

(from Virginia)


Letter of Appreciation


I want to thank you all for the fast and quality service you gave me on my 2002 Olds Alero by replacing the struts and mounts.  I greatly appreciate it and am sending you something as an appreciation.

Thanks Once Again,

D. Garcia


Dear Eddie,

Last week my PT Cruiser was rolling in park.  "Bear"  took a look at it, tightened a bolt, and didn't charge me.  I offered to pay something, but your staff told me to not worry about it.  I was impressed!

Thank you so much for doing this and, of course, you will have all my future business with my cars!  Good honest mechanics are hard to find - BUT I'VE FOUND ONE HERE!

Thanks to all your staff!

K. Crockett



Eddie, Angela, & the Entire Team,

Thank you for the excellent and affordable service to my A/C.  Your workmanship and customer support are wonderful blessings to me.

Appreciate you so much!

Jen A.




Thank you so much for fixing the side mirror on May 8th.

I really appreciate the kindness of you and your staff.


M. McFarland




Dear Eddie:   I just want to thank you so much for repairing my daughters Saturn VUE yesterday. I feel like the price was very fair. Reminding us of the timing belt was also a preventive measure that will save us more grief later on. Zeb made it to Gulf Shores without a bit of trouble. My wife said she felt very good about your shop doing the work. She also said that you and your staff were most helpful.   Thanks again,   Gwen Jones




Having been actively involved in the business community for the past 40 years, it is not often I happen to encounter a person or business that exceeds my expectations.  This past Friday, May 23, my wife and I were en route to our niece's high school graduation in North Alabama.  We were traveling north on I-65 when I noticed smoke coming from my car and the car was obviously overheating.  My first thought was, "Oh no, this is Memorial Day Weekend, and , it is 4:45 pm.  Where am I going to find ANYONE to be able to help?  We pulled off the Interstate on Highway 31, and stopped at a couple of places.  Both were either closing, or, already closed.  One person did indicate there was a good auto shop about a mile up the road.  So, we slowly drove down to Eddie's, which is at 1385 Highway 31 North, Prattville.  We went inside and explained our situation, and he said he would take a look himself, because it was time for his mechanics to leave for the long weekend.  I began to call rental companies, in hopes of finding someone who could get us to the graduation ceremony on time however this was becoming a feudal tack.  In a couple of minutes, Eddie said he had found the problem, a broken  water pump belt, and, if the parts house could get him the belt that late, he would  have it fixed in 30 minutes.  He actually had it ready in 20 minutes, and, we were on our way, and in fact to graduation on time.  They went above and beyond the bounds of normal customer service, and I will strongly recommend them to anyone I know.

J. Sherlock




A Testimonial Letter


On January 13, 2010, I had the opportunity to visit a local automotive part store in Prattville, Alabama.  As I walked into the store, I started to look for the necessary items that were needed for my automobile.  As I glanced toward the counter, I saw three employees waiting to serve me.  I walked towards the counter and asked them questions  about the necessary parts.  The, I smiled and asked them a hypothetical question, which was, "Who is the best automotive mechanic in the surrounding area?"  They looked at each other with laughter.  With full confidence and no hesitation, they all stated, "Eddie Cobern of Eddie's Automotive."  I then visited a second location in Millbrook, Alabama.  I really was not looking for parts at this location, but merely a second opinion.  So I asked the manager, and the manager also said that the best mechanic in the area was Eddie Cobern.  Then I realized that the master mechanic I had chosen to repair my vehicle was the best choice.  I returned to Eddie's, and gave them a compliment on what I had experienced from the two store locations.  Mr. Cobern was very humble and stated, "Our number one goal is to please our customers."  Finally, Eddie's Automotive has been repairing my family's vehicle ever since the experience.

N. Turner